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Model created based on modern twin fins, which allows enough speed and maneuvering making weaker and fuller waves an incredibly fun ride. This board has a very small nose rocker and a fair amount of thickness, helping the surfer to get into the wave and cross the flat without difficulties. During its production, we use materials that are also used for performance surfboards, coated with rubber in the deck area. This makes this model a SoftBoard with the soul of a real surfboard, at the same time it protects the surfer from impact on the board. Ideal for any level of surfing – from beginner to expert – and it can take up to 90kg on it.


5’0 x 21’1/4 x 2’3/4 – 38L


MEDINA SURFBOARDS do not come with fins, Therefore, check the fin plug so you can choose the correct fin to be used. For example:

  • FCSII plug: can take fins with FCSI and FCSII plugs.
  • FUTURES plug: can take fins with FUTURES plugs.

Since it’s a twin fin model, we advise you to use fins with a wider area so you can have the best performance from the board.

Below there are some fin models we recommend:

Twin fin – These fins allow security when carving and agility on tricks without losing speed, helping the surfer during vertical thrusts on the lip of the wave.

Keel fin – These fins give momentum when accelerating the board and ease when doing tricks along the pocket of the wave.

THruster fin (size L or XL – lateral) – These fins will make the board more compliant and ideal for spin tricks or aerials.

MEDINA SOFTBOARDS accepts either applying surf wax or non-slip gear. When using non-slip gear, make sure that the board is completely clean so that it will stick to the board correctly. The rubber material of the board doesn’t let grips stick as easily as in regular surfboards. Pay attention during this time!!!

MEDINA SOFTBOARDS are ensured fun. Kids learn, evolve, don`t get hurt and the parents have a blast.

Let’s go surfing!